Physical Signs You Might Be Experiencing Depression

It’s common to feel sad or down from time to time. Everyone experiences sadness; it’s a part of being human. Having a difficult week or an afternoon “funk” is nothing to be concerned about, and most people can identify ways to cope with these regular ups and downs in mood. How do we know if the sadness is beyond what is typical?... Continue Reading →

Physical Signs You Might Be Anxious

College students often say things like “I’m so stressed!” Anxiety is a natural part of being alive. It can even fuel us to take action and reach our goals. But how do you know when your anxiety might be problematic?  Would you recognize symptoms of anxiety that are interfering with your daily life? Let’s take a look at the case of “John.” John is a 20 year old USF... Continue Reading →

Health and Wellness is Hiring

Student Project/Editorial Manager 15-20 hours per week: paid position We are looking for someone who can: Manage the work flow of our marketing projects and production schedules Manage scheduling of our editorial calendar that includes content for 3-4 departments Work closely with our student social media marketing assistant to ensure accuracy, and content flow Update... Continue Reading →

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