Make Mondays Positive!

Let’s talk about Mondays. I’ll let you in on my own weekly motivational secret. Last year my friends and I came up with a simple but effective way to start our weeks off better. Every Monday we wake up exclaiming how much we love Mondays and how they are our favorite day of the week. 

I swear we’re not crazy. 

Monday is rarely a favorite day of the week, but adopting a positive attitude, sarcastically or not, has its benefits. Negative thinking directly affects your mood, actions and health, making you less effective at pretty much everything.

Think about it. Has complaining about early mornings or workload ever made you accomplish more or feel more awake? I didn’t think so. Positivity, however, decreases stress and builds strength.

Research shows that you can actually change your brain’s thoughts through repetition, so repeating positive thoughts can uplift your attitude permanently. The more you tell yourself you love Mondays, the more you actually will begin to like Mondays!

Check out these tips to increase positive thinking and in turn, increase your health, productivity and attitude:

  • Jam out. If you’re having trouble exclaiming your love for Mondays, early mornings, or class, pick a song that will do it for you. Wake up and get ready with attitude. Try blasting an upbeat song while you’re heading to class.
  • Write. Think about the positive things you have to look forward to throughout the week and write them all down. This has been proven to be a great mood-boosting exercise. In addition, at the end of the week write down five of the best things that happened to you that week. You can use this second list to help motivate you for the following week.
  • Enjoy good company. Surround yourself with positivity and positive people as your days goes on. One of the easiest ways to avoid negative thinking is to avoid negative people, and if you feel up to the challenge try uplifting the negative people around you.

How do you stay positive at the beginning of the week? 

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