Welcome to the Wellness USF Blog!

579114_3797741869306_203735084_nWelcome! My name is Shannon Gordon. I’m a runner and student majoring in Chemistry and Mass Communications at the University of South Florida Tampa Campus. I’m an athlete, vegetarian, animal-lover, and health nut taking on the task of writing a student-focused blog alongside Wellness USF. While research shows that healthy and well students are more successful academically, balancing, school, friends, and proper health is a huge struggle for a lot of young college students.  My goal is to inspire students to live and lead healthier, more active and more productive lives in college.

In terms of postings, this blog will be mostly personal, chronicling my experiences through the fitness and health world inside and around the USF Tampa campus. I’ve never even been to a gym fitness class if you can believe it (What kind of fitness addict am I?). Obviously, I still have a lot of learning and growing to do, so a lot of this blog will be about my journey with Wellness USF and all it has to offer.

This blog definitely isn’t just about me though. It’s about all USF students changing their habits, making healthy choices, and choosing a wellness lifestyle and attitude.  Got a story about your own journey to wellness? Feel free to share it here. Whether you’ve gained a lot through living a healthy lifestyle or are proud of smaller steps you’ve just started taking, all stories are worthy of being shared.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy 🙂

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