If you ask my friends what adjective best describes me they would probably use a number of synonyms for the word weird. I think this is because I have a trait that not many people have anymore: POSITIVITY. I happily admit that I can be obnoxiously positive. Life has thrown me plenty of challenges. However, I love being happy, and maintaining a positive outlook increases happiness.

As young college students we constantly have stress, and sometimes it’s hard to find our way out of it. A few positive words and thoughts can help turn negativity into positivity, and positive feelings, joy, and laughter help you counteract stress. When you think positively, you’ll also be more productive, and increase wellness!

Check out these tips to help turn your thoughts into positive ones:

Challenge unhelpful thoughts. 

Just because something didn’t work out the way you planned doesn’t mean it will always be that way. There are so many things we are afraid of because they didn’t go how we planned the first time around. If you didn’t get an A on your first test, you wouldn’t stop studying would you? The next time something doesn’t go as you planned don’t give up; fight harder the next time around.

Question your worries.

Ask yourself if what you’re worrying about is really that important in the big scheme of things. Is all that stress inside your head really worth your time and energy? Is it going to matter next year? Are you going to be a worse person if you don’t think about it?

Share your positive thoughts.

Think about the things you actually feel good about and share them with others. Studies have shown that seeing people’s reactions to your happiness will actually make you enjoy whatever you’re sharing even more.

Be Thankful.

This one is really sappy, but it helps. Think about all the people you are thankful for, and then write them a long text or email listing why you are so thankful for them. This step is a double bonus because you are probably making the day of whoever you are thankful for.

Be silly.

Do something goofy that you have always wanted to do and don’t be embarrassed by it. Make the background of your phone a ridiculously cute animal. Learn funny words and use them in your everyday vocabulary. (Mulligrubs = grumpy) The possibilities are endless if you just let loose for a little. 

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