On My Phone: Mobile Nutrition

There are thousands of diet and nutrition apps out there, and I have tried a good amount of them. Not everyone has the same diet goals, and each app focuses on its own aspect of nutrition. I found that these four nutrition apps are the easiest to use, the most fun, and the most informative and relevant. Try them out for yourself!

photo(2)101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy

I LOVE this app. The app provides you with a daily healthy-living tip, but the best part is that it backs up every tip with several well-researched and reliable articles. It is a fun and practical way to get the information you need to make healthy decisions daily.


Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyNetDiary

Food diaries are often used to track caloric and fat intake, but I use this food diary app to make sure I am getting enough nutrients like protein and drinking enough water. The app also has a huge range of brands and restaurant dishes, and it has a wide variety of serving sizes. My favorite part about this app is its daily diet analysis which lets you know if you need to be eating more calories or are not receiving enough nutrients.



This is by far my favorite food-scanning app. It rates foods on a scale of A to F based on their nutrition facts, so it saves you the hassle of comparing food labels. You fill out a brief survey when you first download the app, so it can track your specific dietary needs or goals. It gives you reasoning behind each grading and recommended healthier alternatives, and it is fantastic for comparing foods in the same category, like various brands of peanut butter or bread.


Restaurant Nutrition

This app gives you the nutrition facts for more than 250 restaurants! If you are trying to eat healthier when dining out, I definitely recommend this app. Restaurant menus often change seasonally, so don’t panic if the app is missing a new dish. The app updates frequently to stay on top of these changes.

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