Give Some Guerrilla Gratitude!

IMG_6002Happy early Thanksgiving, everyone! I am heading home for the first time in months and am so thankful to see my family and friends again. The entire month of November draws attention to the wonderful (or not so wonderful) things and people in your life, but Thanksgiving is the climax of November thankfulness. Go all out this year! Instead of whispering words of affection and thankfulness around the dinner table, show those around you how thankful you actually are. After all, thanksgiving is a word of action. This week, choose one or several people who you are especially thankful for, and surprise them with some Guerrilla Gratitude!

What is Guerrilla Gratitude?

It’s a strategic and stealthy blast of thankfulness. Compile a list of all the reasons you are thankful for this person and their favorite things. Then completely bombard them with notes of kindness, surprise treats, and decorations—sort of like  a genuine and kind April Fool’s Day prank.

Check out some of my Guerrilla Gratitude ideas tested on my two wonderful roommates:

  1. Display colorful banners in visible places. Be creative, and express all of the reasons why you are thankful for them. IMG_6036
  2. Surprise them with their favorite drink or food. I woke up early and bought them their favorite Starbucks drinks. IMG_5976
  3. Spread cheer by bombarding them with pictures of their favorite animals (or anything that makes them happy).
    IMG_6029 2

Here are some other ideas for other family, friends, teammates, or coworkers:

  1. Make little goodie bags for everyone in your office or on your team. Make each one personalized to the individual. Add words of kindness, inspirational quotes, or their favorite candy.
  2. Make or buy them lunch with their favorite foods for work or school the next day, or get up early and make their favorite breakfast!
  3. Surprise family or roommates by completing chores before they have a chance to get them. Leave a friendly note to let them know they can sleep in or relax.
  4. Prolong messages of gratitude by leaving thank you notes in unexpected places that they might not find for a while.

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