Are the library and Marshall Student Center too crowded for your taste? Do you still have tons of work to get done? No worries! We’ve discovered some spots perfect for you to enjoy some serenity. 

These tranquil locations are great for simply meditating or relaxing as well!

mlk fountain_1

MLK Fountain

The MLK fountain can be busy mid-day but, in the morning or afternoon, it’s a great study spot. If the fountains distract you, they turn off in the late afternoon.

TIP: The benches at the edge of the fountain have access to electrical outlets. It’s a great location if you want to be outside but need to plug-in.


Fine Arts Building Tree

Relax by this incredible tree (it personally reminds us of the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter) outside the Fine Arts building! Perch on the many low-hanging branches or hang out on the benches below.

parking garage

Richard A. Beard (Juniper-Poplar) Parking Garage

It’s one of the tallest buildings on campus and a great place to clear your head or just relax. Overlook the entire campus and the Tampa skyline. Occasionally, you can listen to bands practice and during summer, you can watch the Busch Gardens’ nightly fireworks show.


Castor Beach

Soak up the sun at the beach next to Castor Hall. This pretty stretch of sand features several beach loungers and hammocks perfect for naps, tanning, or studying. 

TIP: Do not feed the ducks! Seagulls will also show up to swoop down and attack you. 


Interdisciplinary Sciences (ISA) Building

In need of outlets, couches, and white boards? Look no further. The ISA building is a go-to study spot for a quiet space to get work done. There are plenty of study nooks in this six-story science building.  


Champion’s Choice Patio

Champion’s Choice (between the Sun Dome and Campus Rec) is out of the way for most people, so it’s relatively quiet. Enjoy one of the only outdoor tables with a built-in outlet on campus.

library park_1

Park Behind the Library

The library might be hectic, but a few steps outside brings you into a completely different atmosphere. The mini “park” behind the library is beautiful and relaxing. Enjoy the peace and have fun on one of the swings!

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