Top Five Simple Relaxation Tips!

HOORAH! Say TTFN to exams, papers, and presentations, and kiss campus goodbye for a little while. It’s time to relax! Remove any negative thoughts left over from the semester, and release any pent up tension or stress from finals. Check out these easy and immediate relaxation tips for post-finals recovery!

Five Finals Recovery Tips:


1. Color

Reignite childhood creativity while reducing stress! Colors are something we react to subconsciously, so coloring does not require a lot of thought or rationalization. You may have forgotten how relaxing and enjoyable it is, so get a pack of crayons ASAP and check out the large variety of free coloring pages by Crayola here.

corgi lying down

2. Lie Down

Chances are you didn’t relax very much this week, so take time to rest your body and your mind. Put on some calming music, but don’t watch TV or browse on your phone. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and enjoy complete tranquility. You have no school to worry about, so give your brain a rest. Looking for further relaxation? Take a bubble bath with lavender or chamomile suds (guys, too!). Both these scents promote relaxation and calm the body and mind. 


3. Exercise

Do something slow and steady–go for a leisurely jog or long walk, take a yoga class, or try some light weight lifting. Busting out an insane workout may sound rewarding after finals week, but your body is probably tired and stiff. Don’t do anything strenuous that could cause injury. Stretch after your workout to relieve further tension.


4. Go Outside

Take advantage of our incredible Florida weather (because it’s snowing everywhere else)! Sit on your balcony, go to a park, take a walk outside, or simply sit by an open window. Nature relaxes the mind, fresh air helps regain focus, and sunshine and warmth promote happiness and reduces stress.


 5. Dance

Completely unwind, release any leftover exam tension, and have fun! Crank up your most fun and most embarrassing guilty pleasure song, and dance to it on repeat. Bounce on your couch. Get up on a table. Take off your pants. Dance like this until you can’t dance anymore. See number 2. (Don’t have a crazy guilty pleasure jam? Try Heaven by DJ Sammy.)


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