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USF suffered a terrible loss this past weekend. No words can express the pain of losing a loved one, friend or fellow classmate. Grief carries a wide range of emotions, from shock to sadness to anger and guilt. It is a confusing process, but there is no “right” or “wrong” way to grieve. Although there is no exact science or expiration date on grief, there are things that may soften the pain during the process.

Six Ways to Cope with Grief:

  • Start a journal. Writing in a journal can be extremely comforting. The words and thoughts you express can be just yours or can be shared. Journaling is a great way to honor and remember those you have lost.
  • Stay connected with family and friends, but limit your exposure to news or social media. You do not have to keep your thoughts to yourself. Lean on friends or family for support, and reach out to the people you trust. They can be more understanding than you may be giving them credit for, and they will be there to listen to you.
  • Take care of yourself. With so much on your mind, you’ll need to remember that your own health is still important. Rest, eat well and drink plenty of water. Meditation and exercise are great ways to rest your mind and improve sleep.  Try this app for simple meditation practices.
  • Practice patience and positivity. These two actions may be the most challenging during the process of grieving. Your feelings will be unpredictable. Have patience with yourself and those around you. Some days will be more difficult than others, but  doing something positive will help you stay positive.  Offer to help those in need and accept help when others are offering.
  • Express your feelings through something you enjoy. Expressing your feelings through art, photography, writing or exercise can be a constructive way to handle grief. Spending time on something you enjoy creates a positive environment to reflect.  Your accomplishments can be a way to memorialize your loss.
  • Talk to a counselor, clergy or medical professional. If you have trouble starting alone, join a support group or bring a friend or family member to an individual session. If you’re interested, you can contact the Counseling Center at

The four young men lost in the accident will always be USF Bulls. For anyone affected by tragedy, Wellness USF and the entire USF community will continue to be there for you. The Brothers of the Mu Chapter of Sigma Beta Rho will be hosting a vigil service open to all at the USF Marshall Student Center tomorrow night at 3:30 pm.