Independence is one of the most exciting and terrifying parts about college. For the first time, many of us are separated from our home life, and we are in charge of what we eat, when we sleep and how we spend our free time. I suddenly had to prioritize fun, exercise, eating well and school without my family’s influence. However, maintaining wellness and independence in college is not difficult to achieve.

The secret to being well in college?

Surround yourself with well-minded people! 

Studies show that friends and environment can significantly influence attitude, outlook and physical health. I try to inspire my friends to stay positive and healthy, but I also draw inspiration from my friends, teammates and environment. They help me prioritize, and if I ever need a pick-me-up, they help me stay on track. College is a great time to build your own wellness environment and seek relationships with people who inspire you to have passion and purpose. If you become the average of the five people closest to you, aim for the highest number.  

If you want help reaching your wellness goals, check out the Wellness Living and Learning Community (WLLC) in Theta. As a freshman, I chose to live in the WLLC because I wanted to learn more about wellness and make friends with people who shared the same goals. It is the perfect learning environment to help you stay on track and enhance your well-being while in college and beyond. Check out the perks of living in the WLLC: 

  1. Healthy cooking demonstrations on the floor
  2. Off-campus, wellness-related field trips
  3. Free specialized group fitness classes
  4. Stress reduction workshops
  5. Social events including pool parties, Xbox Kinect tournaments, craft and movie nights
  6. Help with setting and working towards wellness related goals

Want to get involved?

Check out more info and fill out the application!