If you did not read yesterday’s blog (you definitely should), you might be surprised that tomorrow is my 21st birthday! I am excited to have my first daiquiri on the beach, but in the mean time, I will help myself to this tasty watermelon cooler sans alcohol. I got this recipe idea from my lovely co- worker and photographer friend, Katina Bitsicas. It is sweet perfection with a little bit of tang from the lime. Remove the ice from the recipe for an equally delicious drink.

What to do with leftover watermelon? Make a watermelon salad of course! Balsamic vinegar and watermelon are an interesting and awesome combination and a little bit of goat cheese and basil make it even better. Toss them all together and voila! You have made an easy and refreshing summer salad.

Watermelon is in season from June until November. Get a great price by grabbing one at a local market like Bearss Grove.

In more exciting news, this was my first time cutting a watermelon on my own. My friends and family were equally as excited about my newfound independence (See below).

Want to know what you are eating? Here are the healthiest ingredients in this recipe!

Watermelon: This summer favorite is hydrating, sweet and nutrient-packed. It is full of vitamins A and C and thecarotenoid lycopene. Lycopene may help protect the body from UV rays, reducing the risk of cancer. Lycopene content decreases with storage, so enjoy the melon soon after it is cut. Enjoy a full cup of watermelon for under 50 calories!

Tomato:Tomatoes are a major source of an antioxidant called lycopene, which has been proven to provide long-term protection against UV-radiation. Lutein is another antioxidant found in tomatoes that helps protect muscle tissue in the eyes.

Goat Cheese: This smooth and creamy cheese is slightly lower in calories and fat than cow’s milk cheeses and it is richer in vitamin A. Those who are lactose intolerant may also be able to tolerate goat cheese over cow’s milk.

Watermelon Virgin Daiquiri

Serves 2

129 calories


2 cups of fruit

4 cups chopped watermelon

3 tablespoons lime juice

1 tablespoons agave*

10 ice cubes

*Note: Decrease calories by using a low-calorie sweetener instead of agave. The original recipe used stevia.


  1.     Add chopped watermelon to the blender.  Blend completely and strain out leftover watermelon pulp.
  2.     Add lime juice and agave to blended watermelon. Blend completely
  3.     Serve and enjoy!


Basil & Balsamic Watermelon Salad


3 cups chopped watermelon

3 tablespoons aged balsamic

2 small tomatoes, quartered

2 tablespoons crumbled goat cheese

2 tablespoons fresh basil, chopped*

*Note: To increase flavor, lightly crush the basil with the side of the knife when chopping.


  1.     Add the watermelon, tomatoes, basil and balsamic to a large bowl. Mix thoroughly.
  2.     Sprinkle on the goat cheese, serve and enjoy!