Summer is all about relaxation and enjoying your free time. Even if you are taking classes, the summer always seems less busy and rushed. I love using my newfound freedom to try new things, and a couple weeks ago I went blueberry picking at Church Lake Farms in Odessa. The farm was about 25 minutes away and completely worth it. The farm was enchanting and the experience was definitely something I will do again. Florida has amazing weather for farming, so U-Pick farms are pretty much open year-round. Check out this full list of farms in our area.


Not only is it a fun experience, but picking your own produce also offers many nutritional, environmental, and economic benefits.  You will love U-Pick farms because the produce is…

  • Fresh. You can’t get any fresher than picking the fruit straight off the vine! Enjoy in-season produce at its peak flavor.
  • Local. Local food does not have to be shipped as far. Preservatives are not necessary and less fossil fuel is used for transportation. Picking your own requires zero preservatives and less fossil fuel.
  • Cheap. I paid $1.50 for almost a pound of blueberries. The abundance of in season produce makes it less expensive.
  • Educational. Talk to the farmers when you’re there. Farming is hard work, and the farm we went to used to be orange farm. Get to know the farm and their process.