Happy August, Bulls!

Say hello to another month of heat, humidity, and afternoon thunderstorms. It’s hard to exercise when you’re too busy craving air conditioning or avoiding the rain. Not to mention, working out in the heat can be dangerous.

If going outside seems like torture or you’re looking for a fun summer workout, check out an indoor trampoline center! Bouncing is insanely fun and it’s a full body workout that can burn anywhere from 4 to 7 calories a minute! Track how many calories you would burn here. You can use the trampoline to relieve stress and have fun or to target different muscle groups, especially the legs, butt, and back.

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My favorite is Boing! Jump Center in Brandon. They offer a 10$ USF discount, and they have college night every Tuesday from 8 – 9:30 pm for $10. Check them out on Facebook.

Spring out of the heat and into action at indoor trampoline centers! Bouncing can be a low impact exercise, but it does have some risks. Follow these tips to have a safe bounce and a great workout.

Four tips for minimizing bouncing risks:

  1. Save the tricks for the experts. I may have learned this one the hard way… all I can say is that if you have no clue how to execute a front tuck, don’t try a front tuck. You can do some serious damage to your knees, ankles, back, and neck. In 2012, nearly 95,00 0 emergency room visits were associated with bouncers.
  2. Be aware of other bouncers. College kids aren’t the only ones who love bouncing and toddlers appear out of thin air. Avoid a painful collision by sticking to a solo trampoline and keeping track of the kids.
  3. Stick to the safe zones. Bounce near the center of the mat, and avoid bouncing on the trampolines close to the entrance. The barriers separating the trampolines have no spring so hitting or landing on them hurts.
  4. Take bouncy breaks. Bouncing is tough, and like any workout, you’ll need a good warm up. Bounce around slowly for a few minutes before trying any high bounces or tricks. Avoid injury by taking short breaks off the mat every ten or fifteen minutes. Never take a break on the trampoline while other jumpers are around.