Happy Halloween-eve, everyone! Halloween is an awesome holiday, and I embrace the spooky festivities every year with months of costume preparation, pumpkin everything and scary movie marathons.

Unfortunately, Halloween celebrations are not just a bunch of hocus pocus. Arrest and assault rates spike on college campuses during the Halloween season. Stay safe and smart, and check out these 5 Halloween safety tips to live by tonight and this weekend! 

Five Halloween safety tips:

  1. Know your party guests. Anyone can disguise himself or herself with a mask or costume, so make sure you are monitoring who enters your apartment if you’re throwing a Halloween party.
  2. While driving, watch for wandering trick-or-treaters. According to the US Department of Transportation, pedestrian fatalities are highest on Halloween night. In addition, if you’re a pedestrian, increase your visibility by wearing or carrying glow-sticks and avoiding dark colors. Also, be extra vigilant of oncoming traffic.
  3. Watch what you or your friends are drinking. If you’re of legal drinking age, never leave your drink unattended or accept a drink from a stranger. If you’re underage and have legal-aged friends, watch their backs and get them home safely.
  4. Be cautious of your costume.  Here are two great tips: Avoid anything that could be confused with real weapons, and if you’re not good in heels, do not wear them.
  5. Finally, “Do you have your exit buddy?!” This Finding Nemo quote should be remembered all night. Travel in groups and never walk alone at night or with someone you don’t know. When leaving home or a party, make sure you have a friend or group to go with you.