Happy Friday, Bulls!

Today I stumbled upon two of the most beautiful, inspiring people I will ever have the pleasure of meeting.

If you got a free hug outside the Marshall Center, you stumbled upon them too. You may have taken him for a scam and passed him by, but sophomore Jonathon Burroughs was simply spreading joy today.

What were the free hugs for? Jonathon was honoring the loss of his high school friend, Noah Kushner, who passed away three years ago today. Noah’s mother and twin sisters adored the idea and came out to support. Together they turned a day of grieving into something beautiful and positive. I wish I could harness their love and kindness every day.

Remember that positivity is contagious and simple acts of kindness can cultivate joy.

Please take a moment to hear their story, share it and find someone to hug.

Thank you to Jonathon Burroughs and Beatrice Von Nagel for allowing us to impromptu interview them. Their story inspires me to reach out and spread kindness and positivity to everyone.

When was the last time you made a positive difference in someone’s life?

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