If you can show someone you care, why not do it? We all know college can be overwhelming and stressful, be kind to everyone! 

Be a friend to fellow Bulls with these simple and inspirational tips:

  1. Compliment someone unexpectedly. Everyone likes being reminded how awesome they are. Speak up! Compliments are an easy way to show kindness. 
  2. Offer assistance. If you see someone struggling to get something done, offer help or advice. Were you ever lost or overwhelmed as a new student? Be the person you wish reached out to you.
  3. Show gratitude to everyone that deserves it. Everyone is important. Make a list of people you appreciate, learn their names, and thank them. 
  4. Share your umbrella. If you see someone walking your direction, offer a spot under your umbrella. With Florida showers hitting every afternoon, you can uplift someone’s spirits every day.
  5. Be respectful. Pay attention in class, don’t cut people in line, and hold doors open behind you. The list goes on and on!
  6. Express your excitement. Happiness is contagious! Share your smile with others and they may smile for the first time that day.
  7. Talk to strangers. Luckily, I think this childhood rule is dispelled when you turn 18. You may be the first person they talk to all day, and the greatest gift you can give someone is your attention. 

2 thoughts on “Be Kind Today!

  1. Hi there!

    I love this uplifting little post. Thanks for spreading the happy every day. I am looking forward to following you in the future.

    All of my best,



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