Ten Steps to Feeling Better Now

Happy Wednesday, Bulls! Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

How can you enhance your mental health?

  1. Cultivate happiness.
  2. Learn your signs of stress.
  3. Develop relaxation techniques.
  4. Practice mindfulness
  5. Clear your mind of unhelpful thinking habits
  6. Get active
  7. Spend time with supportive friends or family. 
  8. Get outside.
  9. Play with a furry friend.  
  10. Try some of these stress relievers. 

Check out more helpful tips at the USF Counseling Center website

One thought on “Ten Steps to Feeling Better Now

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  1. You will always have the power to make yourself feel better. Your environment, the people around you, and what you experience may have an effect but ultimately, it is you who is going to decide what you want to feel about everything. Clearing your mind of bad thinking habits, practicing mindfulness, and being physically active will give you more power over yourself and your emotions. Great tips and resources, thanks for sharing!


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