Be Well USF

4 Ways to Start the Year Right, Bulls!

Welcome Back Bulls! Wellness USF is excited to spend this new school year with you. Summer is over and it’s time for your new year to begin. With these four tips, you’re sure to make this year the best one yet. Let’s start the year right, Bulls!


Sleep Well


Try to get at least  7-8 hours of sleep per night.






Stay Hydrated



Don’t wait until you’re thirsty.



On average, males should drink about 13 cups of liquid each day and females should drink about 9 cups per day.


If you struggle with drinking plenty of water during the day, try bringing a water bottle wherever you go. Make yourself aware of all the water filling stations on campus.


*TIP-Start replacing an average beverage with the same amount of water.


Know Your Limits



Watch your blood alcohol content (BAC).



Want to have a better idea of how drinking affects you? Stop by the Wellness Center (MSC 1504) and pick up a BAC Card or calculate your BAC here.

How much is too much? Take this free alcohol screening test.

Be knowledge-a-bull and know the facts about BAC.


Make Sure You Get a “Yes”



Always get a “yes.” Sex without consent is sexual assault.



Giving and getting consent is extremely important to understand. Visit the Center for Victim Advocacy and Violence Prevention website for more facts.