That’s right, powdered alcohol. Marketed as “Palcohol,” this new product is a combination of powder and alcohol that can be mixed with water to create an adult beverage. Palcohol is also known as “Dry Booze” or “Booz2go.” With Palcohol, you can instantly turn water to wine, rum or vodka.  It is only sold in liquor stores and 29 grams of powder is equivalent to one drink. Sounds like a good idea, right? Well, don’t be fooled by this powder in a pouch. The effects of Palcohol are unknown. Contrary to how it sounds, this adult Capri Sun will not satisfy your thirst and can lead to big problems.

67860b10184a19e80de2a3a7823b2dee1. Palcohol increases the chances of spiked drinks.

Because it is a powder, it can easily be slipped into your drink without you knowing it. To avoid anything being put in your drink at any time, it’s always good practice to always have an eye on your drink and take it with you wherever you go.

2. There is potential to overdose.

Without much information out about it, there is no clear way for the consumer to tell how much is too much. Some might even try adding it to increase the alcohol content in already spirited drinks. These practices can easily lead to overdosing.

3. The alcohol content decreases when mixed with water.

At first glance, the percentage of alcohol could be enticing. But once added to water, the percentage decreases substantially.
3fa328099a26294c17fe89bc1de7e8064. It is easy to misuse.

Someone, somewhere might think that snorting powdered alcohol could be a great idea. But research shows it takes over an hour to receive even the slightest buzz from snorting Palcohol. Snorting the powder also results in a sensation of burning and inflammation of the nasal cavities, throbbing headaches and intense pressure of the temples. It can also cause bleeding in the nasal cavities.     

5. It’s not worth your time.

Palcohol is not available to the public yet, and may never be. Three states have created temporary bans against Palcohol, while twelve have prohibited the sale and distribution of the product. Florida has begun the legislative process to ban the sale and use of powdered alcohol, while more states are considering bans or restrictions against the sale and distribution of the product.

If you or someone you know is dependent on alcohol, visit the link below to learn about alcohol screenings.