Every emotion we feel is controlled through our brains. Your brain and your body go hand-in-hand and both should be treated equally.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental health disorders are common in the United States, affecting tens of millions of Americans each year.

Check out these six screenings and remember that your mind is part of your body, so stop treating it differently.

1.) Alcohol Abuse Screening

Your brain plays a huge roll in what you do, say, feel and think.

Alcohol Abuse can cause serious damage to the brain:

  • Alcohol poisoning is a medical emergency caused from an elevated BAC (Blood Alcohol Content).
  • A person’s BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) can rise even while a person is passed out.
  • Drinking to calm the nerves and worries can lead to alcohol dependency.
  • Alcohol poisoning is extremely common, however many students do not take the proper action in treating it.

If you or someone you know might be a victim of Alcohol Abuse follow these steps here.

2.) Anxiety Screening

We all have a tendency to worry. We mostly worry about money, health and family. However, those with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) tend to worry at an extreme level about everything, even the little things.


  • Develops slowly and usually during teen years
  • Symptoms can be trouble falling asleep and headaches
  • Sometimes runs in the family
  • Is treated through cognitive therapy and medication

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3.) Bipolar Disorder Screening

Bipolar Disorder causes rapid mood changes that will have you incredibly happy one second and then extremely sad the next. Anyone can develop this disorder.

Bipolar Disorder is a serious brain illness:

  • Bipolar disorder generally begins during the teen or early adolescent years.
  • It can damage relationships and your career.
  • The symptoms are more powerful than an average person’s “ups” and “downs”.
  • Many people diagnosed with being Bipolar become suicidal.
  • There is no cure for Bipolar Disorder but there are treatments to control symptoms.
  • Medication and therapy are the most effective treatments.

To find out if you’re showing signs of Bipolar Disorder, take this free screening.

4.) Depression Screening

Depression is a serious illness that will negatively affect the way you feel, think and act.

  • Depression lasts longer and interferes with daily life.
  • Depression can cause physical pain like headaches and stomach pain.
  • Sometimes the circumstances of depression is out of the person’s control.
  • Unfortunately, people with depression cannot just “snap out of it”.
  • Depression is treatable with effective treatment.

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5.) Eating Disorder Screening

By taking care of our minds, we can take care of our bodies. The way we think and feel can affect the way we view our outward appearance.

  • Eating Disorders  are destructive patterns with food develop when a person focuses on what he or she dislikes about their body.
  • Eating disorders develop from the fixation a person has with trying to get a “perfect body”.
  • Excessive dieting and urges to binge are signs of an Eating Disorder.
  • Most treatment for Eating Disorders are delivered in a hospital.

Focusing on what we like about our bodies rather than focussing on what we don’t like can affect the way we live our lives.

You can accept your body perfectly the way it is through Radical Acceptance.

6.) PTSD Screening

PTSD is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. This disorder is the development of symptoms after a traumatic event occurs.

Any kind of extreme stress can lead to PTSD.

  • Typically occurs from:
    • Direct personal experience surrounding death
    • Serious injury
    • Witnessing a stressful event
    • Learning about an unexpected or violent death or injury to a loved one
  • You don’t have to be hurt to experience PTSD
  • Emotions involved are:
    • Feeling easily irritated
    • Jitters
    • Trouble sleeping
    • Trouble eating
    • Hard time concentrating
  • Flashbacks of the traumatic incident can also occur.
  • The extreme stress can last longer than a month.

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Remember your mind is part of your body, so stop treating it differently.

To find out how your mind is feeling today take any of these FREE online screenings. These tests are designed to help you make the next move in becoming a healthier individual.