With Thanksgiving and the holidays quickly approaching, our minds are beginning to race about what gifts to buy, food to prepare and decorations to put up. Even with the hustle and bustle of the school day, we should never lose sight of what’s most important. Tis the season to appreciate all of the things we are truly grateful for.

Show us what you are grateful for by posting a photo on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #30DaysofGratitudeUSF each day in November.

Here are a few things we are grateful for at USF:

  1. Sunshine

The divine sunshine is something we should be truly grateful for. When classes get stressful and the days drag on, it’s nice to get some vitamin D to calm the worries. There are many ways to enjoy the sun safely here at USF:

  • Take a bike ride on one of our many bike trails
  • Nap away in the hammocks
  • Take a trip down the road to Riverfront Park to embark on your own little adventure– kayaking, ropes courses, volleyball and more

But don’t forget to always wear sunscreen because nothing ruins a good time with the sun more than a burn. Dear sun, we are thankful for the warmth, light and joy you bring to USF.

  1. Wellness Education

Wellness Education is a great resource for you. Wellness Education will help to answer all of your health and wellness related questions.

If you haven’t visited the Wellness Center on the first floor of the MSC (1504), it is a must!

  • You can relax in their new massage chairs
  • Play video games
  • Grab free condoms
  • Visit the Dietitian
  • Receive free information on how to live healthy and well

For more information on Wellness Education, visit their website at usf.edu/wellness.

  1.  Student Health Services

Student Health Services is your on-campus doctor’s office.. If you have a sprain, cut, burn or are feeling under the weather, they have your back. Make sure you take advantage of all their services.

Make sure to take advantage of:

  • Free STI Testings
  • Free Flu Shots
  • Bulls Country Pharmacy
  • Urgent Care
  • The Haven Clinic

We want you to be strong and healthy Bulls.  For more information about Student Health Services click here → SHS.

  1. Technology

What would we do without technology? From video games and cell phones, to laptops and beyond, technology has been our life-saver and our time saver. Let’s be thankful for the advancements in technology and the resources USF has to offer us. Some include:

  • The Skypad (Located on the 4th floor of the MSC)
  • Laptop rentals (Library)
  • GoPro rentals (Library)
  • IT Help Desk (LIB 117)
  • Computer Store (MSC 1506)
  1. The Counseling Center

The USF Counseling Center wants to help you succeed. They offer many services to satisfy your needs so you can be happy and healthy.

Check out:

  1. Campus Recreation

Our recreational facility is massive and the opportunities are endless with Campus Recreation at USF. From Outdoor Recreation and the Fitness Facility, to Sports Clubs and Intramurals–Campus Rec is your go-to for getting active and staying well. Here are some of what they have to offer:

  • Riverfront Park
  • Borrow Our Bikes
  • Kayaking
  • Outdoor Adventure Trips
  • Gym Facility
  • Fitness Classes
  • Aquatics
  • Scuba

Find out more fun activities → Click Here

  1. Exercise

Exercise is an easy and fun way to stay healthy and well. Whether you take a walk around campus or a run on the track, exercise is important. Studies show that exercise plays a significant role in your academic success. So what do you say Bulls, get out and exercise.

Check out these simple exercises that you can do anywhere!

Get up and exercise!

  1. Victim Advocacy and Violence Prevention

The Center for Victim Advocacy and Violence Prevention is an amazing department here at USF to help those who have been the victim of a crime. They host several events for great causes in partnership with  N.I.T.E. (Network. Improve. Transform. Empower.). Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is one of those and the event’s purpose is to inform individuals about sexual assault, domestic and gender violence.

Bulls, this is a department you should definitely should be grateful for. And make sure you have always ‘Got Consent’.

Follow R.E.A.L. on Facebook for more updates on their events and ways to become aware and involved. → R.E.A.L.

  1. Student Outreach and Support

Balancing family, work, financial and other obligations may tax your coping skills. When stress is severe, it may lead to physical and emotional distress and academic failure.

In a caring campus community, each student and staff member must be concerned for the wellbeing of others. Student Outreach and Support is here to help you get back to class. If you are referred, it does not mean you are in trouble, it means someone cares about you. Remember that getting help is no bull, it’s noble.

  1. The Feed-A-Bull Food Pantry

Wellness Education and the Office of Student Outreach and Support have partnered with Feeding America and together they have established the Feed-A-Bull Food Pantry. This amazing asset to USF helps students receive free food to alleviate food hardship and hunger at USF because no student should go hungry.

The Feed-A-Bull Food Pantry is open Tuesdays 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.  and Wednesdays 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. For more information, please visit usf.edu/feedabull

Well Bulls, there you have it–10 things to be grateful for at USF. There is so much to be grateful for at USF. Each day in November, make sure to show your thanks by posting a photo with the hashtag #30DaysofGratitudeUSF to show us what you are grateful for in your lives.