The Wellness Center is the ultimate getaway when the stress of school weighs you down. If you haven’t had the chance to try out all the amenities that are offered FREE, I encourage you to squeeze a visit into your planner and stop by on the first floor of the MSC next to the computer store. Here’s what you DON’T want to miss:
1. Chair Massage

Rock your way into a better mood in the Wellness Center’s massage chairs for 15 minutes. These chairs are by far the BEST way to relax from all the stress. Final exams will be here before you know it and you need to make sure you rest your body and mind. Stop in and give the massage chair a try. You will not regret it.

2. Registered Dietitian

Do you have questions about your diet or food choices? You can get ANY and ALL questions answered by our on-site dietitian. View her calendar here for available times. She’ll give you information and guidance about meal prepping, calorie intake, portion sizes and MORE. The dietician can even provide a fast, convenient, and accurate body composition analysis using the InBody230 machine. All you have to do is walk on in!

3. Height, Weight and Blood Pressure Screening

Want to check your weight, height, and blood pressure?  Stop in the Wellness Center for a free and convenient screening. Be informed and be a healthy Bull!

4. Sexual Health Resources

The Wellness Center is one of the only few places on campus that offers you FREE sexual health resources. Pick up FREE condoms–flavored, large, and standard lubricated–and information about sexual health. You can also get free lubricant, dental dams, and female condoms.

5. Xbox Kinect

Have a break in between classes? Get your video game on with the Xbox Kinect!  The Wellness Center offers several games that you can play. Learn the latest dance moves with Dance Marathon, kick it old school with good ol’ Sonic the Hedgehog and may the force be with you when you play Star Wars. There are many more games that you can choose from, so bring a friend and your game face and head to the Wellness Center.

6. Fruit

Orange you glad the Wellness Center has FREE fruit just for you? Make sure you get your daily amount of fruit servings by stopping in to get an apple or orange. No need to buy your own. When you’re pushed for time and need a quick snack, stop by!

7. Sleep Packs

Can’t sleep at night?  The Wellness Center offers FREE SLEEP PACKS! These handy dandy packs include earplugs, an eye mask, some sleepy-time tea, tips and resources. You deserve sleep and these sleep packs will not let you down.

There you have it, Bulls. These 7 resources are FREE and available just for you. Take advantage of these awesome services because they can really make a positive impact on your experience here at USF. We hope to see you in the Wellness Center!

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