It’s Friday night and you are bored at home… until you get a group text inviting you to check out a newly opened restaurant. You don’t want to miss out so you decide to change out of your pajamas and head out. Suddenly, you feel conflicted because you promised yourself you were going to be healthy and not eat at restaurants this week.

Remember-eating out doesn’t have to be unhealthy. This also doesn’t mean you have to count calories, diet, or order salad every time you go out to eat. You have plenty of options and power in those options! Eating to be healthy doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from everything delicious. It simply means choosing options that will make you feel better the next day and being conscious of your choices.

veggie sushi

Here are some ways to eat at restaurants and still be healthy:

  • Select a food establishment with healthier choices (this way you’ll have less temptations!)
  • Ditch the soda and go for water with lemon (soda is super high in calories and actually makes you hungrier)
  • Most restaurants will list the number of calories next to their food now so you can choose wisely
  • Order a side of vegetables instead of french fries or mashed potatoes
  • Order a turkey or quinoa burger instead of beef
  • Order a light fish like salmon instead of steak
  • Eat slowly, try to really taste your food
  • Ask for a to-go box to save half of your food (this way you get two meals for the price of one and you’re set for lunch the next day, plus you will avoid over-eating)
  • Either skip dessert or go for something light like sorbet

quinoa burger