Eating Out: The Smart Way

It’s a Friday night and you are bored at home until you get a group text inviting you to check out the newly opened restaurant…you don’t want to miss out so you decide to change out of your home clothes and head out. You remind yourself, as you lock the door behind you, that eating out doesn’t have to mean pigging out. You have plenty of options and, as a consumer, you also have power in those options.

Yes. The Freshmen Fifteen is a myth but, nonetheless, it is evident that first-year students do experience a small weight gain of less than 5 pounds. Late night social gatherings that involve eating could be one of the reasons for weight gain and, as such, it is important to be equipped with tools to help reduce or prevent this consequence. The sooner you start practicing good eating habits, the sooner these habits will hopefully stick. Just because you’re eating out doesn’t mean good eating habits should go out the door with you.

Generally restaurant portions are more than you should be eating in one sitting but that doesn’t mean that you have to eat it all at once. If you prefer, however, to eat all your food in one sitting, ask if the restaurant has lighter portion options. Although food establishments mostly tempt us with unhealthy options, many are now labeling the healthier choices to make it easier to make informed choices. Keep your eye on the prize, i.e., the dishes that are marked healthy, and don’t let your eyes stray away! The unhealthy choices always seem to sound better than the healthy ones while you’re reading them on the menu.

Here are some healthy eating tips for when you go out to eat:

  • Ask for a to-go box to take half of your food to go as soon as it comes out
  • Ask if you are able to substitute out unhealthy options for healthier ones
  • Skip the sugary drink and go for water with lemon
  • Go with friends so you talk more and, as a result, eat slower.
  • Select a food establishment with healthier choices, preferably ones that are marked as such
  • Don’t even glance at the dessert menu

Which of the healthy eating tip(s) is/are your favorite? Have you ever tried any of these before and how did it go?

If you have any other comments, questions, or topics you would like to read about, please feel free to comment below. If you’re interested in being a guest blog writer, contact me to get started!

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