Interested in time management but not sure where to begin? The following tips can help:

  • Track your time by keeping an activity log, that is, a record of the activities you actually complete, for about a week.
  • Evaluate your effectiveness while looking at the activity log:
    • Did you feel rushed? Did you finish your to-do list? What times of day were you most productive and was there a balance between work and fun?
  • Make a weekly to-do list
    • Divide into fixed commitments (reoccurring obligations) and flexible commitments (changing time-commitments)
    • Set priorities and how much time you need to/are willing to spend on them
    • Figure out pockets of time where you can complete your to-do list
    • Factor in the unexpected and allow for flexibility
    • Use breaks, personal time, and social activities as rewards for completing tasks
    • Take note of balance between work (includes chores), fun, and self-care
  • Customize these tips to suit your needs and discover what works best for you

What tools/technology do you use to help with time management? What is your favorite tool/technology for time management? How would you spend the time you save from managing your time?

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