Dangers of “Phubbing”

Did you know that the average person checks their phone at 150 times a DAY? While cell phones are necessary for effective communication, they are affecting our ability to sleep, focus on simple tasks, and interact with people in real life. 

Let’s expound on that last one: interacting with people in real life. When is the last time you noticed your friend, family member, or partner blatantly ignored you in order to scroll through their phone instead? 

This annoying habit now has a name, it’s called “Phubbing”. 

Phubbing ruins conversations and over time, relationships. It’s hard to connect with someone when you have to compete with a cell phone. 

Tips for dealing with Phubbing: 

  • Ask the phubber: “Hey, is what you’re looking at really that important? If it’s not, do you mind please looking at it during your own time? Right now, I want to actually spend time with you and not just watch you look at your phone.” 
  • Ask if they can just completely put their phone away-in their purse or pocket, anywhere out of visibility 
  • If you hear their phone ring or beep after several times, ask “Do you mind answering those later?” 

We all deserve real human interactions with eye contact and conversation. When someone chooses their phone over you, they’re wasting your time and that’s not fair! 

Phubbing causes people to feel not only ignored but eventually sad and maybe even depressed. But, you can stop phubbing by taking social media breaks!

Delete your apps like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. for a week and find out that YES! you will survive. You might even feel happy and accomplished for breaking a social media addiction. You’ll notice how much free time you have from not being glued to your phone. Time spent on social media really adds up! 


Making the active choice to disengage from our phones and unplug more often can increase our relationship satisfaction and overall quality of life. Try it today! 








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