10 Ways to Help You Recover from Hurricane Irma

The past week created immeasurable stress for the campus community. As you begin to recover, here are some ways to help students practice self-care on the USF-Tampa campus.14536957656_c936036af6_z.jpg


  1. You can share your feelings and experiences in a safe environment by attending a post-Irma drop-in group for students facilitated by the Counseling Center staff tomorrow, Sept. 14 at 5 p.m. in the MSC, 1306.
  2. Release tension with a trip to the Wellness Center, MSC 1504, and relax in one of our massage chairs.      30660144072_13879f0aa8_z.jpg
  3. Attend one of the drop-in therapy groups on campus: Emotional Expression through Art; Learning to Let Go; Mindfulness Meditation.
  4. Walk through our beautiful campus and appreciate its serenity in places such as MLK Plaza, Castor Beach, the Campus Recreation walking trail, and the West Pond Pavilion.14373605557_9155a0c07a_z.jpg
  5. Reflect and refresh in the Marshall Student Center Serenity Room on the third floor behind New Student Connections.serenity-room2.jpg
  6. Stop and pause at the public art and enjoy the campus from a different perspective. Don’t miss “Unspecific Gravity,” located near the Science and Engineering area and “Solar Rotary” between Cooper Hall and the Communication and Information Sciences Building.  Here’s a printable public art map. unspecific gravity.jpg
  7. Burn off nervous energy at Campus Recreation.
  8. Have a picnic with friends at Riverfront Park. You can also rent two- and three-person canoes, single and two-person kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards.riverfront park.jpg
  9. If you need to talk to someone to help process last week’s events, contact the Counseling Center.
  10. If you need assistance connecting with resources to support your recovery, contact Student Outreach and Support.


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