6 Spooky Halloween Treats

By Shannon Wilkinson

Halloween! It’s a holiday filled with candy, sweets, and lots of goodies! What you may not know is how fast the calories from fat and sugar add up. Now that’s SCARY!

Whether you’re serving candy, trick-or-treating, going to a Halloween party, or just home studying, here are some fun, healthier Halloween treats to try out this spooky holiday! Click the images below for more details.

Chocolate Covered Fruit

Cover fruit in chocolate, add scary faces, freeze, and enjoy! Make strawberry or banana zombies, ghosts, mummies, or any creature of the night you desire.


Halloween Deviled Eggs

Get some quick protein by making these “rotten” deviled eggs.

deviled eggs

Stuffed Jack-o-lantern Peppers

Instead of carving a pumpkin, carve your jack-o-lantern face into bell peppers and stuff with your favorite ingredients! Make this fun Halloween treat for lunch or dinner.


 Fruit Kabobs

Add white, orange, and yellow fruits to create a “candy corn” kabob or create a fruit cyclops.

Roasted Veggies

Try cutting veggies using a scary cookie cutter and baking them in the oven.


Grab your fruits and veggies at the Greens and Gold Fresh Market on Thursday, October 26th, so you’re prepared to make healthier treats before Halloween!



Happy Halloween!

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