Feel Better Now!

Can’t make time to talk through things that are bothering you?

No worries! Check out the Feel Better Now section of our website. It provides a variety of FREE online methods for you to clear your head and succeed. We all go through tough times in life that induce feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. However, with the right tools, you can overcome these feelings and start living your best life!

What exactly do these “methods” include? This link is your ticket in!

Guided Relaxation: We’ve got YouTube videos designed for you to practice relaxing your muscles, meditating, breathing, and counting! These techniques can help lower your stress levels and improve your energy and concentration.

Mental Wellness Apps: Under ‘Try These Apps!’ are FIFTEEN different apps for relaxation, reducing anxiety, and improving your mood.

Be Mindful: Learn more about mindfulness and how it can help your ability to focus, be happier, and have better relationships.

Tackle your Thinking: Strategies to help you think more realistically and positively.

Cultivate Happiness: Want to know the secrets to being happy?

Communities of Hope: Together, we are strong. Read these inspiring blogs and stories to help you realize you are never alone.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle: What is it do you need to live a well-balanced life to succeed in college? We want you to be well and excel and we’ve got plenty of tools just for that!

Another resource available for you is TAO (Therapy Assisted Online) where you can learn skills to manage stress, anxiety, and depression at anytime and anyplace! Call USF Counseling Center at (813) 974-2831 to learn more.




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