Happy Halloween! Whether you enjoy the thrill of haunted houses and scary movies or prefer to decorate pumpkins and make some spooky treats, this Fall holiday offers something fun for everyone. And of course, there’s always the excitement of picking out a great costume to wear!



While this is a time to go out and have fun with friends, Wellness USF wants to offer you a few tips to help keep you and your friends safe and avoid any hocus pocus.


Have a designated driver or use Uber/Lyft. If you’re needing a ride anywhere, make sure that the person driving commits to staying sober the entire night. Taking an Uber/Lyft is always a great option too so you can avoid driving altogether! If you are driving, make sure to take it slow and watch out for children trick-or-treating

  • Did you know that SG has partnered with Lyft to give USF students $5 off every Lyft ride on Fridays and Saturdays within 15 miles of campus? Check out more here!

Stay with a buddy/in groups. If you are attending a Halloween party with friends, try to stick together and keep track of each other’s whereabouts. Try not to let anyone venture off alone, and be sure to designate a meeting point/time so that you can all leave together. Avoid walking by yourself after dark.

Watch Your BAC. Strategies, like setting a limit, alternating alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and avoiding taking shots, can help you stay in the Green Zone, where you’ll be able to enjoy the positive effects of alcohol without the negative consequences. And if you don’t drink, you’re always in the Green Zone!  

Make a festive mocktail. If you’re throwing a party, it’s nice to be considerate of guests who don’t drink alcohol. Consider mixing up one of these tasty recipes to offer additional drink options.

Eat and hydrate. If you’re planning to consume alcohol, it’s important to have a big meal beforehand that contains fat and protein (like tacos or a cheeseburger) and drink lots of water. This will slow the effects of alcohol and can lessen hangover symptoms the next day.

If you feel uncomfortable, leave. Trust your gut. If you ever find yourself in a situation where things don’t feel right, grab your friend and get out. It’s also a good idea to store the campus safety numbers in your phone.

  • SAFE Team: 813-974-SAFE (7233)

Hours of Operation: 6:30pm – 2:00am

  • Alert Cab: 813-974-SAFE (7233)

For students 21+, free taxi from an alcohol serving establishment to a residence in Hillsborough County.

Hours of Operation: 6:30pm – 2:30am

  • USF Police: 911 for emergency

We hope you have a fun and memorable Halloween!