You made it. You are a semester wiser, and that much closer to earning your degree.

It’s important to work hard during college, but it’s also critical to rest, and recharge. During winter break, there are many things you can do for free or at a low cost. Pick and choose what works best for you.

Here’s our top list of self-care for winter break:

  • Unwind
    • Take a long bath.
    • Consider taking time to meditate.
    • Unwind by reading a good book just for fun.
    • Don’t over-commit to social plans if you need alone time. It’s okay to say no.
  • Have fun
    • Enjoy a hobby you didn’t have time for during the semester, like creative writing, photography, or learning a sport.
    • Consider catching up with your family by having a board game night.
    • Go on an adventure in your hometown, or somewhere nearby. Check out RoadTrippers for fun nearby activities based on your interests.
  • Take care of your body
    • Drink water.
    • Try out some new recipes, like this chickpea and lentil curry.
    • Enjoy in-door exercise, walking your dog at a flea market, or a pick-up basketball game.
    • Catch up on sleep by going to bed early sometimes or taking short naps.
  • Check in on your emotions.
    • Feeling down, anxious, or want information on mental wellness? You can Feel Better Now.
    • USF offers private, confidential resources to help you- whether it’s adjusting to change, grief, romantic relationships, or emotional hardships. USF offers a variety of free and confidential services, from online resources to use at your convenience, like TAO, as well as in-person counseling, and amazing drop-in and support groups.
  • Prepare for the next semester. 


Winter break is a great time to recharge, reset, and prepare for a great Spring semester. We know that going home can be stressful, and difficult to handle. If are struggling to find hope, please call 813-974-2831 (USF Counseling’s 24-hour number) or 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline).