It may feel like we all have limitless amounts of time now, which can feel daunting or overwhelming when it comes to “finding time” to be well. When schedules and routines are drastically disrupted, it can feel like we are starting from zero again, with no plan.  

If you’re feeling like you don’t know how to jump start your day or make enough time for everything you’d like to get done, try these tips:  

  • Think about everything you did last week to get an idea of how you spend your time. This can be an “AHA” moment for many of us as we begin to realize how we are spending each day.  
    • Try writing down what time you wake up, the first thing you do, or the times you start a different activity. This could be simply jotting down notes in your phone. Sometimes we don’t realize how many hours we spend staring at our screens or zoning out until the day is over. 

  • Focus on the present, not on the past or the future. Ask yourself why it feels like you don’t have time to prioritize your well-being 
    • When we honor our feelings without passing judgment or blame, we can open ourselves up to moving forward instead of becoming paralyzed with negative self–talk.  
    • This process could start by stating you’ll take one hour for yourself. If this makes you feel anxious or nervous, ask yourself why. What will happen if you decide to take that one hour to walk, journal, or prepare a meal? 

  • Focus on practical actions instead of big, overarching goals. Action steps are any action, even the smallest that moves you closer to your goal.  
    • Instead of saying “I’m going to work out every day for an hour.” Why not say, I’m going to do something active today for 15 to 30 minutes. This could be stretching, cleaning your apartment or dancing to your favorite songs. The point is to do something for yourself that will make you feel better.  
    • USF Campus Rec also has online fitness classes 
  • Make a clear  vision. What would your ideal schedule look like during this time? Envision what you want your days or your routine to look like. Does this involve preparing meals? Make this vision realistic to your lifestyle.  
    • If you want to feel healthier, what does that look like? Be specific in your vision because this will help you determine appropriate action steps.  

It’s easy to feel like we have all the time and simultaneously not enough time to do everything we want. If you want to create a vision or a plan to help you stay on track for the rest of the semester, try Success and Wellness Coaching!