Adapt-A-Bull is a program intended for practicing inclusive recreation at the University of South Florida’s Recreation & Wellness facility. It is a program for individuals with disabilities, both cognitive and physical, to participate in recreational sports and fitness through training with certified coaches to meet their goals. This program includes group and one-on-one training using the fitness equipment within the facility as well as other recreational activities as a group.


Adaptive coaches who were trained, educated and certified to work with individuals with different disabilities in order to properly and effectively assist them in meeting their fitness goals. This program is aimed at athletes who are USF students as well as other community members with physical and cognitive disabilities.


This program is being run at USF’s Recreation & Wellness facility in Tampa, FL.


We believe that fitness and wellness should be accessible to everyone regardless of abilities. As learned in our training, a disability is not the impairment that an individual may be afflicted with, but rather society’s inability to adapt and provide these individuals with equal and inclusive opportunities. We are aiming at creating an environment within our facility where the feeling of inclusivity is present. USF’s recreation and wellness facility should be open and welcoming for all individuals.


This program is offering one-on-one personal training for individuals with disabilities and implementing other fun and engaging events & activities such as wheelchair basketball, adaptive kayaking, and more.

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