10 Ways to Help You Recover from Hurricane Irma

The past week created immeasurable stress for the campus community. As you begin to recover, here are some ways to help students practice self-care on the USF-Tampa campus.   You can share your feelings and experiences in a safe environment by attending a post-Irma drop-in group for students facilitated by the Counseling Center staff tomorrow,... Continue Reading →

Why We Love our Greens & Gold Fresh Market and You Should Too!

We can’t wait to see you at our first Greens & Gold Fresh Market this Thursday, Aug. 31! This market provides a place to connect, unwind, and enjoy healthy, local and sustainable products. Here are a few tips to help you at our first event. Pay by cash and credit cards.  We do not accept dining dollars... Continue Reading →

What’s up with the Green Dot?

Let’s talk a little bit about these green dots that are about to pop up all over campus. Think of green means go. Green means go, get consent, go out there and help someone, step up and be the person to make your community safer. Now let’s think of a red dot. A red dot... Continue Reading →

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