Six Tips for the Best Gasparilla Ever!

Ahoy, mateys! Are ye ready for Gasparilla this weekend? What exactly is Gasparilla? It’s the third largest parade in the country and the oldest  pirate extravaganza in the world! This Saturday at 11:30 am, pirates will invade Bayshore Blvd. in downtown Tampa! Gasparilla is exciting and enjoyable, but hours of swashbuckling fun can lead to... Continue Reading →

Have A Safe & Spooky Halloween!

Happy Halloween-eve, everyone! Halloween is an awesome holiday, and I embrace the spooky festivities every year with months of costume preparation, pumpkin everything and scary movie marathons. Unfortunately, Halloween celebrations are not just a bunch of hocus pocus. Arrest and assault rates spike on college campuses during the Halloween season. Stay safe and smart, and check out these... Continue Reading →

Have a Memorable 21st Birthday!

Crossing the collegiate line of being legally able to drink is a major turning point for any college student. USF students actually do not drink as much as you may think, with 82% of Bulls saying they drink once a week or less. However, many 21st birthdays can still get out of hand because traditions like... Continue Reading →

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