Be Knowledge-a-bull: Everything You Need to Know About Molly

Do you know molly? With the Ultra Music Festival in Miami this weekend, you may have heard her mentioned this week. Rumors have been spreading for a while, and you at least know your favorite pop and hip-hop artists sing about her, but you probably don’t know much more about her. Read on to learn... Continue Reading →

13 Life Hacks for Living Well in College

It's two weeks into the school year, and whether you are a freshman or a senior, you may be struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle in college. Below are some of the simplest tips and best-kept secrets for becoming and staying well in college! 1) You don't have to try everything every time you go... Continue Reading →

Swap Snacks to Stay Energized & Active

It’s a few weeks into summer, and by now we have all had our fair share of pool parties and beach barbecues. Barbecue food and party snacks are not always the healthiest choicest, and eating excess amounts of food high in fat, sodium, and sugar can take a toll on your body and leave you... Continue Reading →

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