Concentrate and Meditate

With exams just three weeks away, you might begin to feel stressed out if you aren’t already. The stress likely won’t go away until exams are over, but there is a way to relieve some stress NOW. That way is through meditation. defines meditation as “the act or process of spending time in quiet... Continue Reading →

Measuring Beauty by the Pounds on a Scale Can Lead to Death

Eating disorders are physical and psychological reactions towards food and weight that if not treated on time, they can have deadly consequences. According to Alison Oberne, M.A. in general psychology and faculty member of the College of Public Health at USF, eating disorders are mental health disorders in which people tend to have struggles that... Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Start the Year Right, Bulls!

Welcome Back Bulls! Wellness USF is excited to spend this new school year with you. Summer is over and it’s time for your new year to begin. With these four tips, you’re sure to make this year the best one yet. Let’s start the year right, Bulls!   Sleep Well   Try to get at... Continue Reading →

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