Get Running: 10 Summertime Road Races

In the college world, summer is all about lighter course loads, sleeping in and relaxation. In the running world, summer is the season for early morning and night time runs. It is the perfect season to set a beginner pace or push yourself if you are already a runner. Test out your running abilities this... Continue Reading →

Seven Random Acts of Kindness

If you can show someone you care, why not do it? We all know college can be overwhelming and stressful. Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day! If you see someone upset, do what you can to help. Your classmates, friends, teammates, and even your professors are empowered by little acts of kindness. Be a friend... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons You Should Exercise in the Morning

Physical activity benefits the body and mind, and exercising in the morning is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy and productive day. Instead of staying up late studying and sleeping in, discover the benefits of an early morning workout. Don’t doubt yourself just yet. With a little motivation and practice, you can... Continue Reading →

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