Mental Health: Healthy brain, healthy feelings, healthy life.

Mental health is defined as “a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.” Your mental health can contribute to your overall health exponentially. It is extremely important for students to know and understand exactly how they are feeling and why they feel that way. Feelings of anxiety, stress and irritability are common … Continue reading Mental Health: Healthy brain, healthy feelings, healthy life.

Quit Tobacco Today

From the time we were young we were taught about the detrimental effects that tobacco has on your health.  Tobacco can take a toll on your social life, education and relationships. This is no joke, tobacco products CAN cause massive health problems that can dramatically change your life forever. The guidelines below will help you … Continue reading Quit Tobacco Today

Concentrate and Meditate defines meditation as “the act or process of spending time in quiet thought.” However, Dr. Jean Mulloy, a psychologist in USF’s Counseling Center sees it a little differently. “Meditation is being aware of your habits,” Mulloy said. “So any time you focus your mind on what you’re doing, you can be meditating.” Meditation can … Continue reading Concentrate and Meditate