Start the School Year off right by being Organized

College can make your life feel hectic and disorganized with exams, papers to write, group projects, jobs, and internships. Stay on top of your game with these 4 tips! Use your planner every day and write down EVERYTHING you think you might forget. Make a habit of checking your planner as soon as you get … Continue reading Start the School Year off right by being Organized

Feed-a-Bull Pantry

Hey Bulls! Are you struggling financially and need help obtaining food? No need to fear, Feed-a-Bull Pantry is here! USF Student Health Services’ very own Registered Dietitian, Katie Jones works hard at the Feed-a-Bull Pantry to ensure that students get the right ingredients for balanced eating. In addition to securing the right foods, Katie will … Continue reading Feed-a-Bull Pantry

Try These Quinoa Lettuce Wraps!

Looking to spice up your lunch or dinner? Try these quinoa lettuce wraps-they're PACKED with nutritious ingredients that will leave you feeling full and clean! Ingredients: Serves: 4 Serving Size: 3 lettuce wraps per person Calories: 149 Quinoa Cups 12 romaine or bibb lettuce leaves ½ cup uncooked quinoa ½ red onion, chopped 2 small … Continue reading Try These Quinoa Lettuce Wraps!