Pocketbook Guide to Spring Break Safety

Your Guide to a Survive-a-Bull Spring Break With so much fun going on this spring break, it can be easy to forget about your safety and well-being or even forego health and safety for the sake of what one considers fun. Here’s a quick guide to a survive-a-bull spring break. Know About Sexual Consent Explicit … Continue reading Pocketbook Guide to Spring Break Safety

Be Kind Today!

If you can show someone you care, why not do it? We all know college can be overwhelming and stressful, be kind to everyone!  Be a friend to fellow Bulls with these simple and inspirational tips: Compliment someone unexpectedly. Everyone likes being reminded how awesome they are. Speak up! Compliments are an easy way to … Continue reading Be Kind Today!

Wellness Wednesday: Prevent Gender Violence

Happy Wednesday, Bulls! Be a part of the solution by taking responsibility for your own words and actions. Try hard to understand how your own attitudes and actions might perpetuate sexism and violence, and work toward changing them. Start with yourself and speak out for what's right. How will you help end gender violence? Check out REAL on Facebook for … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Prevent Gender Violence