7 Ways to Find Your Herd through USF Wellness this Fall

Meet people through wellness events and activities. Here's how: Connect and Break a Sweat  1. Enjoy fun activities and freebies at Rec the Night  What’s s not to love about free food, games, and giveaways? Play garbage can pong and win  prizes at our Health & Wellness table. This classic event is packed with activities, from dodgeball, obstacle courses, and group fitness demos... Continue Reading →

Relationship Reality: What is your Love Language?

  It’s valentine’s day, so it is only fitting our blog today is about love languages and relationships. Are you in a relationship? Is your relationship healthy? Sometimes we don’t know if our relationship is healthy or not, and that is okay. A healthy relationship can be defined as a connection developed by two people... Continue Reading →

Try this Homemade Garlic Hummus!

It is International Hummus Day! I LOVE hummus, and I am so excited there is an entire day dedicated to its deliciousness. How can you not love hummus? Not only does it go great with pretty much anything, but it can also be a great vegetarian protein source and a healthier alternative for mayonnaise or creamy salad dressings. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

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