Pocketbook Guide to Spring Break Safety

Your Guide to a Survive-a-Bull Spring Break With so much fun going on this spring break, it can be easy to forget about your safety and well-being or even forego health and safety for the sake of what one considers fun. Here’s a quick guide to a survive-a-bull spring break. Know About Sexual Consent Explicit... Continue Reading →

Picking Up Your Phone May Hang Up Your Relationship

By Amy Haywood Cell phones affect our ability to sleep, connect with people and focus on simple tasks. Some research says cellphones are even ruining our most meaningful romantic relationships, particularly since we check our phone every six and a half minutes, or about 150 times each day. The practice has become so common it... Continue Reading →

Resolutions and Routines. How are you doing?

It's spring semester and you're probably excited about new possibilities  - a new workout routine, a new time management system, or a new morning ritual. Healthy routines help create positive habits, provide structure, prevent procrastination, and build momentum. They can even help us feel good about ourselves. New routines work best when they start small.... Continue Reading →

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