6 Health Screenings Your Brain Needs

Every emotion we feel is controlled through our brains. Your brain and your body go hand-in-hand and both should be treated equally. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental health disorders are common in the United States, affecting tens of millions of Americans each year. Check out these six screenings and remember that... Continue Reading →

Biking & Blading: 5 places to explore off campus

Want to find a fun way to stay active and fit? Biking and rollerblading will get you up and moving without you feeling like you're working out. Rollerblading and biking actually offer the same cardiovascular benefits as running, but are easier on the joints. The primary muscles worked during rollerblading and biking are the hamstrings, quads,... Continue Reading →

4 Simple Bodyweight Exercises for a Stronger Core

Although the temperature has been climbing for months, this weekend's Summer Solstice officially kicked off summer. That perfect beach body may still be on your mind, but your abs are good for way more than looking good. Your core actually improves performance and breathing, maintains balance and stability, aids in movements, and protects your internal organs. Most core exercises... Continue Reading →

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