Run on the Beach!

Different running surfaces have an impact on your workout, but there is no workout like running on the beach. It is a huge challenge for even the most advanced runners, but if you are up for the challenge, beach running is physically beneficial and mentally rewarding. The Tampa area has some of the most beautiful... Continue Reading →

Swap Snacks to Stay Energized & Active

It’s a few weeks into summer, and by now we have all had our fair share of pool parties and beach barbecues. Barbecue food and party snacks are not always the healthiest choicest, and eating excess amounts of food high in fat, sodium, and sugar can take a toll on your body and leave you... Continue Reading →

Battle the Burn!

I have always been very strict about sunscreen because I've had family suffer from skin cancer. Five or more sunburns significantly increases your risk of developing skin cancer. Proper UVA and UVB protection greatly reduces your risk, and living in Florida, we can't really take much risks. Remember to always use sunscreen with at least... Continue Reading →

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