10 Meditation Tips & Benefits You Need

What can you do right now to better your body and mind? Let me tell you the solution I use for all my problems, distractions and weaknesses. This school year I strengthened my mentality through the habit of meditation. For years, meditation was an unattainable goal of mine. I am not exactly a calm person.... Continue Reading →

Enjoy these Brain Food Energy Bars!

It's noon during finals week and you begin to wonder if that noise is your stomach growling or your chemistry grade crumbling. Sound familiar? You need a date with a delicious snack that's going to satisfy the tummy-rumbles through final exams and give you the energy to think clearly without a caffeine or sugar high. But…... Continue Reading →

10 Ways To Stay Active on Campus

        It’s time to grab the bull by its horns and get active. Physical activity each day will have you feeling happy, healthy and productive.         There are numerous benefits of physical activity and with a little motivation and discipline, exercise can become a fun part of your daily routine.... Continue Reading →

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