Try these Mummy Mini-Pizzas!

Happy Halloween, everyone!  ‘Tis the season for all things spooky! These mummy mini-pizzas are the perfect snack to complement your Halloween activities.  Why are these ghoulish snacks spooky perfection? They are: Quick. The whole process takes about 20 minutes. Simple. Stack a few ingredients and pop in the oven. Voila! Filling. The dietary fiber in... Continue Reading →

Prevent Getting Sick: 3 Easy Steps to Avoiding Illness!

Thanks to the Polar Vortex, Florida has been experiencing winter for the first time in many years. Luckily, most of us missed the snow (if you hadn’t heard, it snowed.) However, the colder temperatures and weather mood-swings probably took a toll on your immune system, and as busy college students, we don’t have time for... Continue Reading →

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