Try This Lentil & Sweet Potato Stew!

Fall may have technically started a month ago, but it has finally hit Florida. The humidity is bearable, the nights are cooling off, and it’s getting to that time of year when you crave heartier, comforting foods, like stew!  This stew is soul warming, delicious, and full of healthy ingredients. The recipe makes a large... Continue Reading →

Aqua Jog to Stay Active While Injured!

I’ve been sidelined with a foot injury for a few weeks now, and I’ve learned that injuries are 100% no fun! They can be emotionally taxing, as well as physically exhausting, because no matter how active you are, not being able to regularly exercise or even walk to class easily can be extremely discouraging. However,... Continue Reading →

Try These Healthy Pumpkin Spice Waffles!

It’s the greatest (and most delicious) time of the year – pumpkin season! Pumpkins are not only a delicious seasonal treat, but they’re also insanely good for you. Unfortunately most of my favorite pumpkin-flavored foods are full of artificial flavoring and no actual pumpkin, so I came up with this recipe for AMAZING pumpkin waffles. ... Continue Reading →

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