Try this Homemade Garlic Hummus!

It is International Hummus Day! I LOVE hummus, and I am so excited there is an entire day dedicated to its deliciousness. How can you not love hummus? Not only does it go great with pretty much anything, but it can also be a great vegetarian protein source and a healthier alternative for mayonnaise or creamy salad dressings. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

Top Five Resolutions for a Successful Semester!

Being successful doesn't have to involve complicated goals or a rigorous schedule. Improve your wellness and have a successful semester by trying out the five resolutions below!  Five New Semester Resolutions and tips on how to keep them: Resolution 1:  Learn how to take care of your body and mind. For many of us, college is the first taste... Continue Reading →

Bust the Freshman 15 Myth: 8 Tips for Healthy Eating Habits

Did you know that no studies have found the average freshman year weight gain to be 15+ pounds? Maintain your wellness and practice healthy eating habits with these tips!  Tip #1: Utilize USF Campus Recreation resources! Work toward at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise per week, and train each major muscle group two or three days each week using a... Continue Reading →

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