Try This Green & Gold Tie-Dye Smoothie!

Happy summer break, Bulls!  This week, we are showing our Bull pride with a mouth-watering tie-dye smoothie. What is a tie-dye smoothie exactly? Two smoothies blended together into one tasty, colorful and awesome-looking treat.  It is an easy way to make an ordinary smoothie look incredible!  The secret to creating a tie-dye smoothie? Whip up two very... Continue Reading →

Kale & Quinoa Mason Jar Salad

Packing lunch saves a lot of time and money, but pre-making meals and carrying them around all day can be a struggle. Enter the mason jar! Mason jars are pretty much lunch-time heroes. They make any meal: Clean. The lid stops dressing from leaking in your bag. Easy. No need to lug around a bunch of... Continue Reading →

Let Them Eat Kale: Try this Garlicky Kale Recipe!

I hopped aboard the kale bandwagon awhile ago, and I just can't express how much I LOVE KALE. It is the king of all health food. It contains the largest amounts of antioxidants within the fruit and vegetable kingdom – all hail kale! Kale is an outstanding source of fiber, calcium, iron, flavonoids, carotenoid, and... Continue Reading →

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